Invoice, face of a company!

Invoice is a document requesting for a payment against the supply of goods or services to another business person or end consumer. Invoice not only include information such as good or service details, it’s price, taxes charged, total amount and payment terms, clients details etc., but also supplier’s information .

Invoice not only signifies documentary evidence of sale, but also represents the brand identity of the company. It is pertinent for a business that every time a sale is made, its invoice should look totally professional and represents its brand image.

About Pakkabill

GST not only revolutionize the Indian taxation system, but also embarked the businesses towards a digital era. GST model relies on technology to help businesses grow smarter and faster.

Pakkabill is an initiative in that direction. Pakkabill, a fully customizable, GST compliant digital invoicing solution, is a technology product designed by “PKA Consultants”, a GST solutions provider company. Our team spends hours understanding each business to customize its invoice up to the smallest of its details; in line with business brand identity.

With Pakkabill, you can generate Invoices, Purchase Orders, Proforma Invoices, Quotations, Delivery Challans and Credit / Debit Notes as well as your business reports digitally.

Pakkabill Product description

In the pre-GST era, majority of businesses used to issue invoices manually. Some of the businesses used self designed templates of MS-Excel or MS-Word while a few of the businesses used standard templates provided by various accounting software’s to issue invoices.

GST introduced businesses to the Digital world. First step on this journey is to find a right solution for the invoicing needs. Most of the businesses tend to opt for Accounting system without realising that there is a difference between Invoice and Accounting system. Accounting system is generally standards based; follow defined guidelines as per the defined standards and need professional skills to operate, whereas Invoicing on the contrary is specific to business and its identity, fully customised, generally managed by business owner(s) and subjected to client’s approval.

For a sale to take place, Invoice needs to meet the following:
1. It should be specific to business needs and its identity
2. It should be compliant with the applicable laws
3. It should be in a format acceptable to the client

Invoice is just an entry point to an accounting system.

Though, Accounting software(s) do provide Invoice generation facility, but with limited or no customisation options. MSME segment represent a major share of the overall businesses in India. They are faced with multiple challenges like to adapt to the digital era, customisation issues and lack of technical know-how / training that too simultaneously carrying out with their business.


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